Threatened Sensitive Joint Vetch as found in area of proposed KWR Intake on Mattaponi River, further endangered by King William Reservoir Project
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11/15/06 DEQ Letter - Letter to interested parties (eligible speakers) explaining Newport News request that SWCB reconsider 9/06/2006 decision. Discusses eligible speakers, pooling of minutes, content of comments from speakers.

12/14/06 Agenda - Agenda for 12/14/06 meeting where SWCB first needs to decide if it will hear the Request to Reconsider and if so notes that this hearing will not be until after 1pm. Contains DEQ Staff generated materials reviewing this case and sets out Staff recommendation to extend permit, but only for 3 years.

SWCB VWP Permit w/2002 Major Modifications Full text of VWP 93-0902 (the "permit") including most recent set of modifications incorporated in December 2002 and cover letter.

Note 1 - Part I. Special Conditions Section A. #6. describes term of permit and need for renewal with no mention of extension.

Note 2 - Part I. Special Conditions Section D. Development and Incorporation of Mitigation Plans and Conditions: This section details the long since past deadlines for three reports (Wetlands Mitigation, Eco-Monitoring, Salinity) that Newport News wishes to extend yet again as part of their effort to overturn the 9/6/06 decision.

SWCB Public Comment Policy - This document is important for people wishing to speak at the 12/14/06 SWCB meeting. Describes eligible speakers, pooling of minutes, no public comment at "Formal Hearing" etc. Was source of information in 11/15/06 DEQ letter.

Virginia Administrative Code 9VAC25-... etc. - VAC Code is referenced in some of the letters between Newport News and DEQ, here is a place where you can keyword search or browse the code to find the specific code referenced and read for yourself.

9/12/06 DEQ Decision Letter - Letter to Newport News providing written confirmation of the decision to deny extending the permit at the 9/6/06 meeting.

11/1/2006 Newport News Reconsider Letter - Letter to DEQ/SWCB requesting hearing at 12/14/06 meeting to allow SWCB to reconsider (reverse) the 9/6/06 decision.

10/6/06 Newport News Petition for Formal Hearing - Petition to have hearing where public comment will be excluded and to rehear the case for extension of the permit. Petition claims Decision Letter did not provide basis for the 9/6/06 decision. Petition asks that decision be overturned due to this lack of basis being expressed in the letter.

Additional Background Reading

Who else in the past has spoken out about the King Williams Reservoir Project

08.03.2004 VMRC Staff Evaluation - Habitat Managment Division Evaluation

06.25.2004 VIMS Assesment of Fisheries Impact Assesment and Mitigation Report

05.14.2003 VMRC meeting minutes, 6-2 vote to Deny Permit

03.12.2003 VIMS Comments and Recommendations

07.02.2001 Original Army Corps Decision to Deny Permit

02.03.2000 Army Corps/Colonel Carroll to Mayor Frank Letter

06.04.1999 Army Corps/Colonel Carroll to R. Hildebrant Letter

US Army Corps Water Needs IWR Executive Summary

Pending Lawsuits

SELC Lawsuit on behalf of Alliance for the Mattaponi, Sierra Club and CBF, challenging the Army Corps 11/15/2005 Issuance of Permit.

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