Threatened Sensitive Joint Vetch as found in area of proposed KWR Intake on Mattaponi River, further endangered by King William Reservoir Project
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05/26/09 DP - KWR Reservoir Opponents Release Survey Report of Alternatives

04/04/09 VG - Water Torture, Editorial - Bill O'Donovan

04/04/09 VG - Last Word - King William Reservoir

04/02/09 WYD - Judge Agrees: Some KW Reservoir Decisions 'Arbitrary and Capricious'

04/01/09 VP - Judge rules against permit essential to Peninsula reservoir

04/01/09 RTD - Judge declares King William reservoir permit invalid

04/01/09 DP - Court rules reservoir permit arbitrary and capricious

04/01/09 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation - E-mail announcing permit win

04/01/09 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Press Release

03/31/09 - Chesapeake Bay Foundation Press Release

3/31/09 Federal Court Rules Permit Invalid

03/11/09 VG - Alternatives to the Reservoir, Opinion Piece by Kelly Place

03/11/09 VG - Water Pressure, David Paul

03/11/09 VG - King William Reservoir, Last Word

03/04/09 VG - Letter: Beware of Waterworks Deal, Waverly Parker

03/04/09 VG - Letter: Bad Water Contract, Chris Peterson

02/25/09 VG - Council wants the water, not trouble, Feature Article

02/22/09 DP - Newport News doesn't need reservoir, Don Phillips

02/21/09 VG - Where's my Williamsburg?, Ralph Eaton

02/14/09 VG - Council balks at reservoir support, Feature Article

02/13/09 WYD - City Defers Water Resolution for Wording, Feature Article

02/11/09 WYD - City to Discuss Financing King William Water, Feature Article

02/11/09 VG - Letter: We'd pay more than our share, Don Phillips

02/11/09 VG - Water bills are piling up, Feature Article

02/11/09 VG - Letter: Vote 'No' to water deal, Terence J. Wehle

02/11/09 TR - Reservoir report claims city is way off, Feature Article

02/11/09 CC - Reservoir Update, Feature Article

02/10/09 DP - $10M from bonds would pay for water

02/08/09 WYD - Forum Today on Proposed KW Reservoir

02/06/09 PRESS RELEASE: Bond Prospectus Report Brings King William Reservoir Financing into Focus

01/17/09 VG - Slow growth cuts into water stream

01/14/09 TR - Reservoir lawsuit arguments to be heard

01/09/09 WYD - Williamsburg Plans to Buy Water from Newport News; Deciding how to Float the Bill

01/07/09 VG - City water deal is costly

11/26/08 DP - Walker Dam rebuilding gets OK

11/20/08 DP - Chesapeake Bay Foundation to try to block King William Reservoir plan 

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09/06/08 DP - Help Us Conserve (Opinion brief)


08/30/08 DP - The need for more water is still unproven  Please refute this article

08/30/08 DP - The reservoir will increase local 'dead zones'

08/21/08 DP - Reservoir questions

08/14/08 DP - Some dissent in reservoir loan vote

08/13/08 DP - Council OKs $20M reservoir land buy

08/13/08 TR - Newport News should stop spending on the reservoir project

- Thomas Rubino Alliance Co-chair

08/13/08 TR - Reports sink projections for future water needs - Staff Column

08/13/08 TR - Studies say city's projections are off - Feature Article

08/08/08 RTD - Group questions need for reservoir

08/08/08 DP - Is the King William needed? (Blog)

08/08/08 DP - Report: Water usage steady

08/07/08 WYD - New KW Reservoir Reports: Water Need Projections "Wildly Amiss"

8/7/08 Press Release - New Reports Refute Water Needs Projections


02/27/08 TR - City pushes reservoir financing


01/30/08 TR - Newport News flexes political arm

01/16/08 TR - Law firm to review reservoir contract

01/16/08 TR - King William won't be sucked in again

01/16/08 TR - We applaud King William supes for Reservoir action Letter to the Editor


11/27/07 TR - Supes sink reservoir bonds for the time

LOST? 11/14/07 RTD - King William won't seek bond money for reservoir


Oct 23, 2007 Reservoir bond measure tabled

King William board decides to wait until after election to act

Read about it online at the Richmond Times Dispatch:
Or Click Here


09/26/07 TR - Reservoir funding not urgent, citizens say

LOST?? 9/25/07 RTD - Richmond Times Dispatch Article


08/1/07 TR - Tribe can sue EPA Great News!


LOST?? 2/21/07 - Tidewater Review-front page

Reservoir is Swimming in Lawsuits
Bay Foundation claims improper and illegal decision made by State Water Control Board

LOST?? 2/19/07-Indian Country Today

Judge says state-recognized tribe can claim water rights


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