Threatened Sensitive Joint Vetch as found in area of proposed KWR Intake on Mattaponi River, further endangered by King William Reservoir Project
King William Reservoir Opposition, Alliance To Save The Mattaponi, P.O. Box 150 Mattaponi, VA 23110-0150
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January 26th, 2009 CBF Clean Water Rally

Jan 19th, 2009 VCN Conservation Lobby Day - Richmond


10/4/08 West Point Crab Carnival (Enjoyed by All)

Oct 6 , 2007 - Action Alert (PDF Version)

Don’t let Newport News Suspend Our Democracy in King William County

  1. Call your King William Supervisors Today! (names & phone #s)

  2. Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting October 22 at 7 PM at King William County Administrative Bldg, 180 Horse Landing Road (talking points)

  3. Attend upcoming candidate forums and ask the candidates where the stand on the King William Reservoir and what they plan to do about it. (talking points)

Walk in the parade with The Alliance to Save the Mattaponi
At the West Point Crab Carnival!
October 6, 2007, parade starts @ 1:30, line-up on Kirby St. @ 1:00

View/Print/Distribute our Flyer (pdf)

photo2 This is the 11th year that the Alliance has walked in the parade at the Crab Carnival to oppose the proposed King William Reservoir.

This year we have 20 shad fish windsocks on bamboo poles, a 50 ft. Save the Mattaponi banner that takes 8 people to handle, numerous hand-made signs and our old 10 foot banner to carry in the parade. So come down and show your support for stopping the Reservoir and walk with us!

Each year we have also set up a booth to keep the public informed. You can find our booth towards the corner of 10th and Main Sts., close to the Episcopal Church.

We will be selling T-shirts and letting people know the latest actions they can take to help continue the fight against the Reservoir.

Don’t let Newport News steal the Mattaponi River!
For more information about the Westpoint Crab Carnival and events scheduled click here .

September 14, 2007 - Action Alert (more info) (PDF Version)

Don’t let Newport News Suspend Our Democracy in King William County

9/25/07 Update: We had some great success speaking out against this bond issue and postponed the vote at least one month and perhaps permanently. Thanks to all that came out and spoke and showed their support for King William County, Their People, Their Lands and Their Water.


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